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1.U 4got About Me


2.No Way


3.Your Last Man




5.Bedtime Music Box


6.Do You Really Know Where Love Is (feat. JT Money & DJ Mr. Mixx)


7.One More Chance


8.Come To Me


9. Love Lottery (feat. Skatta)


10.She Looks Good




12.Love Has No Disguise


13.I Love U


14. If You Just Let Me Love U (feat.Darryl White)



Trouble Special Edition


1. You've Got That Stuff (feat. Jacki-O)


2. One More Chance (feat. PM)


3. Something Different


4. Your Love I Need


5. Just No Getting Over You


6. What Do You Do


7. Lovers And Friends


8. All Night & Always


9. If You Still Love Me (Here I Am)


10. Big Mistake


11. A Little Sugar


12. If You're Loving Me Back


13. Phone Number

What Do You Do
 (Official Video)

Check out this vintage video

from Michael's breakthrough

Release "TROUBLE"

If You Just Let Me Love U
   (Official Video)

A few years ago, rumors were going around that Michael Sterling had collaborated with The Late Great "Barry White" and that their was this posthumous release, an Urban legend, Phantom recording that no one could buy. And while I did know Mr White and considered him a friend, It was actually his son Darryl White, that I did the record with and he has his fathers swag as you will see and hear, I never released the video to any network and never release the song to any kind of retail store until?


If You Just Let Me Love U feat. Darryl White

If this record don't put your people in the mood, They just don't like you, Time to move on...

All Night & Always

This is from the ("TROUBLE" SPECIAL EDITION) Project available

online world-wide This one is only for the sexy people...

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